Night VFR Rating


A Night Visual Flight Rules Rating allows you to operate an aeroplane after dark anywhere in Australia. Holding a NVFR opens up a world of opportunities with night flying a unique experience for pilots. Additionally, the NVFR allows you greater flexibility and convenience in flight planning, particularly for longer flights that may need to end after the sun has gone down.

Phase 1: First Night Solo Flight

This training phase covers general aircraft handling and basic responses to emergencies while operating at night within the circuit area.

Phase 2: Night Cross-Country Exercises

Once you’ve completed your first night solo flight, the training shifts towards honing your abilities with night cross-country exercises.

Phase 3: Night VFR Flight Test

This final phase of your NVFR training involves completing a short theory exam and a lesson with a senior flight instructor.

What you need to get a NVFR?

The requirements for undertaking your Night VFR Flight Test include the following:

  • Hold a Commercial (CPL) or Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Hold a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate
  • Complete at least 13 hours of flight training

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