FTC24: Putting wings on dreams!

Lachlan Hyde 

President & Chairman

JAN 20 2024

During the January School Holidays, 34 young people from across NSW joined us at Camden Airport to kickstart their careers!

From January 6th – 14th we held our inaugural Flying Training Camp at Camden Airport for young people to put wings on their dreams. Inspired by the Australian Air Force Cadets, Australian Air League, and Scouts NSW who in the past have run similar programs this event turned out to be the largest residential training event in Camden’s History!

2024 Flying Training Camp student pilot cohort with volunteer staff and flying instructors.

With 34 student pilots who were supported by 15 volunteer flying instructors and 7 aircraft we were able to achieve a cumulative total of 202.1 hours in the sky! This equated to over 200 flying lessons, 523 landings on Runway 06, and over 3000 litres of AvGas used.

In spite of the challenging weather which popped up we were still able to achieve significant milestones in the student pilot’s training including:

  • 3x First Solo Flights (Brendan Vagg, Cooper Ellis, and Jonathan Nolan)
  • 2x First Training Area Solos (Elliot Powell, and Joel Blanning)

It’s important to note as well that the best outcome of camps such as these is the journey itself with the student pilots making lifelong friends and a trove of memories which will stay with them for years to come!

Our 2024 Flying Training Camp also saw us soar to new heights in bridging the aviation gender gap. Surpassing industry standards we proudly saw one third of the student pilot cohort as well as 40% of our volunteer flight instructors being women!

Events like these also don’t just come together overnight and would not be possible without the support of the volunteer staff and flying instructors. Additionally we’d like to thank the University of Sydney, Phoenix Aero Club, Sydney Flight Training Pty. Ltd., Aeria Management Group, Benchmark National Real Estate, Sauer’s Bakehouse, Falcones Bakery, as well as the countless individuals who donated their time and skills to make this FTC a success for the student pilots to kickstart their future careers in aviation!


  • Left: Joel Blanning celebrating his First Training Area Solo Flight
  • Centre: Group photo with our female student pilots
  • Right: Sunset at Camden Airport after a long day of flying

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